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Monster Legends Hack – Gems Cheats Generator 2018

Monster Legends is a cute monster breeding role-playing strategy game, which is published by Social Point on Android and iOS platforms. In this game, you can breed different monsters and use them in battles or sell them in the market for a profit. You can also explore a vast storyline that the game has to offer. It even provides a chance of unlocking new habitats and monsters and for everything our Monster Legends Hack also comes in help.

Monster Legends Hack

Monster Legends game is very addictive as every time you play new monsters; habitats and buildings are unlocked, thereby giving you an altogether different gaming experience. Below mentioned are some of the in-game items that can enhance your gaming experience, all of them can easily be acquired with Monster Legends Hack.


It is an important component as you require stamina in order to play single player missions in the game. Stamina is regenerated automatically in the game; but takes time, or you can also get stamina by asking them from your friends.


Gold is the primary game currency, which is required to purchase different buildings or upgrade existing buildings in the game. You can also use Gold in order to purchase additional islands and expansion packs for your existing islands. Gold can be earned by playing various single player and multiplayer matches, and can be collected from different habitats at regular intervals. It can easily be generated with Monster Legends Cheats


Food is an important component, as you need to feed your monsters in order to level them and make them stronger. You can grow food by constructing farms in the game. There are different types of crops that can be grown, and each crop requires different time to grow. You can upgrade farms in order to boost your food production, as bigger farms are capable of producing more food in less time. Don’t have enough food? Our Monster Legends Hack 2018 is ready to help you.




It is the premium game currency, which can be used to purchase extra-ordinary and powerful monsters. You can also use Gems in order to upgrade special buildings; such as, hatchery. Moreover, it can be used to purchase all those special items that cannot be bought with Gold.

An important feature of Gems is that; you can use them to speed up the construction and upgrade process. Also, you can purchase Food, Gold, and Stamina with Gems. A small amount of Gems will be awarded to you on leveling up in the game and you can even purchase them from the game store. Alternatively, you can use Monster Legends Hack 2018 to acquire Gems.

In order to dominate the game, you need to master the art of earning the in-game currencies, which requires time. Or, you can follow the below mentioned steps that will aid you in collecting and managing the resources.

Free Monster:

You get a monster egg by logging into the game on daily basis; so, make sure you collect your monster each day. You can hatch the eggs or sell them for instant Gold rewards; the choice is yours!

Free Roulette Spin:

By completing single player missions, you are awarded with a free Roulette Spin. These spins will give you an opportunity to earn Food, Gold, and Gems. There is no limit on this feature, as Free Spin is awarded on playing new campaign missions. So, play as many missions as you can daily to get Free Spins. If you are too lazy for that just try monster legends cheats 2018.

Friends Help:

The game allows you to stay connected with your friends on social networking platform. Once connected, your friends can help you in acquiring resources. You can send invites to your friends to join the monster market. When a friend successfully joins, you will get 3000 Gold or 450 Food as rewards. This feature, if exploited correctly, will aid you in getting a daily supply of valuable resources.

The game is very popular on both the platforms and has been downloaded by over 10 million gamers. On iTunes, it is placed under top 25 strategy games. Listed below are some of the reasons due to which Monster Legends game has gained popularity among iOS and Android users.

Tons Of Monsters:

The game features over 500 different monsters, which can be collected and trained. These monsters are classified into different elements; namely, Earth, Nature, Fire, Thunder, etc. and need a special kind of habitat to grow. Treezard, Firesaur, Greensaur, Pandaken, Rockilla, Rarawr, Firekong, etc. are some of the monsters available in the game. To upgrade the monsters, you need to feed them regularly in the game. Feeding monsters regularly helps in leveling up in the game and makes them stronger.

Different Habitats:

Each monster needs a unique habitat to grow. The habitats are based on the Elements to which the monsters belong to. For instance; a Fire Monster cannot grow in any other Habitat except Fire, while a Nature monster needs Nature Habitat to prosper. Each basic level habitat can house two monsters at a time; but, this capacity can be increased by upgrading your monster habitat.

Monster Breeding:

You can breed new monsters at breeding mountains. You can put two monsters of your choice at breeding mountains in order to create a new monster. Breeding is a very complex phenomenon, as you can breed two monsters of same elements in order to create a stronger monster, or you can choose two monsters of different elements to create a monster that can thrive on multiple habitats. Once the monsters are bred in the breeding mountains, the Egg is sent to Hatchery for Hatching. Initially, you can hatch only one egg at a time but the capacity can be increased by upgrading the hatchery.

Single Player Campaign:

The game features a huge single player campaign mode where you can play against computer generated opponents. The campaign missions contain over 1200 diverse missions, which can be played as and when you level up. These missions become increasingly difficult and the rewards offered on completing them also increases simultaneously.

Multi-Player Battles:

In this mode, you can assemble a team of your finest monsters and battle against other online players. The multiplayer mode gives you the best rewards, but the battle against real-time player is tougher than battling monsters in PVE mode. Playing battles increases experience of your monsters and helps them in leveling up in the game.


There are different buildings that can be constructed in the game in order to make your monsters stronger and for this monster legends hack is ready to help as well. Temples are buildings that allow you to level up your monsters. So, you should construct elemental temples and upgrade them in order to make your monsters physically powerful. There are lots of decorative items, which can be placed in your island in order to make it look beautiful. The decorative objects do not provide any kind of benefit in the game, other than enhancing the beauty of your island.

Expansion Packs And Other Islands:

Once you are engrossed in the game, you have to constantly purchase expansion packs in order to increase your space. The expansion packs are initially locked; but, can be unlocked after reaching a certain level in the game. Once unlocked, the expansion packs can be purchased and used to construct different habitats and other buildings. You can also purchase three more islands in addition to your existing island. These islands can be purchased at any given point in the game, as they are not locked.

Runes And Special Items:

Runes market provides gamers with an option to purchase different boosters such as Speed Booster, Strength Booster, Stamina Booster, etc. The boosters are of two types; one is restricted to a single monster and the other one is applicable to the entire team. Special items such as Health Potion, Grenade, Gladiator Rope, Soothing Lotion, Hawk Lens, etc. can be used in the battles in order to get an edge over the opponents. Each special item bought can be used only once in the battle.

All these awesome features, intense gaming experience, and amazing graphics makes Monster Legends a must try game for all strategy game lovers. So, download the game and use the above-mentioned tips with our Monsteer Legends Hack in order to breed the fiercest beasts!


Monster Legends Hack